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Official statement | 2010


The Forum Maghrébin des Affaires
will be present at the Salon international du bâtiment de Montréal

MONTREAL, January 26, 2009 – The Forum Maghrébin des Affaires (FMA), a newly created entity and a business network composed of the Canado-Maghrebian Chambers of Commerce, is pleased to invite to the Salon international du bâtiment de Montréal (SIB) (Montreal international building fair) the Maghrebian businesses in the construction sector. This invitation will enable them to meet with prominent general contractors in the Province of Quebec, out of Province professionals in building and manufacturing, as well as contract givers who are attending the SIB on March 25 2009, at the Montreal Convention Centre

They told about us :

» C.C.I.T - Le Forum Maghrébin des Affaires (FMA), entité nouvellement créée et réseau ...

» Le Salon international du bâtiment de Montréal - La Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec et ses partenaires vous invitent à visiter le nouveau Salon international du bâtiment de Montréal. ...


The FMA, in partnership with the SIB’s Sponsor, the Corporation des Entrepreneurs Généraux du Québec (CEGQ), has the mandate to identify businesses in the construction sector in the Maghreb Region, and to encourage them to take part in the SIB.

The SIB will welcome over 1500 visitors and exhibitors from all over the World. During this event, the SIB puts at the FMA’s disposal a booth which will be a showcase for the Maghreb Region’s construction businesses.


The FMA’s mission consists in promoting and supporting exchanges between Canada and Maghreb in the trade and economic sectors.

WHEN: Wednesday March 25, 2009
WHERE: Montreal Convention Centre
1001, place Jean-Paul Riopelle, Montreal

Information SIB:


» FMA-SIB Registration form